Inspired by lucid dreams and the majesties of the natural world, the work of Liza Compass straddles the boundary between Realism and Surrealism, falling into a realm the artist lovingly terms "Dreamscape Realism" to describe the art created from her mind's eye. As an artist of many disciplines, Liza is known for blurring the lines between her work as an artist, songwriter, musician, singer and performer. As a result the music she writes heavily influences her art and vice versa.

Like most creatives, the work of Liza Compass sprouts from deep within her personal psyche. After struggling with crippling depression, anxiety, and lack of self identity for most of her life, she eventually grew frustrated with self imposed expectations of what art "should be" and "is allowed to be" and overwhelmed to the point of quitting all together. By contrast, her modern work tells a familiar story of perseverance, self mastery, acceptance and love; accessible to all who are willing and able to look within to face themselves.

Liza's artwork is constantly evolving as the creative strives to combine unexpected materials with more classic methods of art making to capture what inspires her most in likeness, emotion and higher meaning. Emotional potency is the driving force between everything Liza does, which she hopes to communicate to the viewer through her choices in color, motion, texture and juxtapositional elements. Her work embodies the celebration of timeless lessons, intelligent design, and the power of creative expression; as we are all perfectly designed, intentional expressions of the creator with our own special purpose.